1:48th O Scale Miniature Model Train / Railway Diorama Roof + Wall Tiles Slates in Slate Grey



These 1:48th O Scale Miniature Roof Tiles will bring your train, railway, scale modelling, and diorama projects to life. Unlike real slate tiles, these styrene tiles won’t break or snap.

– 5mm wide
– 10mm long
– 0.75mm thick
– 250 tiles cover 90 sq (cm2) or 13 sq (in2)

We understand that it can sometimes be tricky to gauge how many tiles you might need or if these are the correct scale for your product. Please do get in touch if you have any questions; we’ll be happy to help.

Also available in (see other listings):
– Slate Grey
– Weathered Slate Grey
– Terracotta
– Weathered Terracotta

Made by Tiny Tiles, each tile is handmade with a durable 0.75mm styrene sheet and hand-painted to give a variation and a touch of realistic finish. Not only are these tiles lightweight, but they’re versatile too. Easily affixed using PVA, super glue or wood glue. The tiles can easily be cut with a sharp craft knife if you need to resize or adapt for odd angles. We include an instruction guide within the packet which covers affixing and adjusting.

Create with confidence knowing this product will last a lifetime.

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