Moebius Models 1230 1:25 scale 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4×4

A walkthrough of the model I made using the Moebius Models 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4×4

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Model Information

Brand: Moebius Models
Title: 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4×4
Number: 1230
Scale:1:25 Type:
Full kit Released: 2018 New parts
Barcode: 0707600112309 (EAN)
Topic: Ford F-Series (1967–1972) Cars (Vehicles)

Box Contents

Plastic sprue, Decalsheet (waterslide), Vinyl

Make Details

Ok, so where do I start? I love old trucks and would love to own one in the future! So as a model maker, what do I do? I make my own in miniature! 🙂 I went in blind with this build as I had no history with the brand but knew that it looked great and was the type of truck I wanted to build.

Moebius Models turns out to be a great brand and one that I would recommend to a modeller who has some experience in basic cleaning up and modifying experience. The tooling I found out after building is 2018 so is relatively new.

Build Details

I found that there were lots of details which I love and yes there is a lot of clean up but it is worth it in the end and it all depends on the finish you want. For me, realism is top of my build requirements and you will never find me building as the box art suggests, it’s just not my style.

I love to create a story with my builds and the more details I can add the better! I found the instructions ok but the engine section was sometimes a little underthought out and I found myself having to dry fit to make sure I had the right piece in the right place.

Build tips

There were some moulding marks you just couldn’t sand out and the rear truck panels have some large unsightly mould marks I just had to cover up by using some styrene sheet cut to the right size and added to the rear panels.

If you don’t mind these then fine but I just can’t put as much effort into my builds without giving them the finish I look for. The only other big issue I ran into was the fit of the bonnet or hood. It was just not great and I had to heat it and bend and warp until I was happy but it’s a big oversight and for a 2018 tooling.

Moebius Models 1230 1:25 scale 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4x4


I loved the detailed engine bay but wanted to add some more detail the the finished model and with a little research online I found some great images of the engine bay. I love to see wires and pipes etc added to a model as in real life you could imagine the engine starting up. I connected the battery and washer bottle along with the brake cylinder and distributor cap connections which set the bay off.

I also scratch-built the mirrors on the model from thin wire as they are more durable and also looked better than the ones that came with the kit.

I also wanted to showcase this section of the model so left the bonnet/hood detachable so the viewer could take it off and look closer at the extra detail. If you want to build the model with the bonnet/hood attached then you can skip this entire section which will save you a lot of time 🙂

Moebius Models 1230 1:25 scale 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4x4


I love to weather my models and it can and will add a lot of charm and caricature to a build. Because old trucks were prone to rust and aged badly if left then you can go to town on the weathering stage! I used my tried and trusted methods when it came to weathering and after priming with Mr Hahogany Surfacer 1000 I spray all mover with a standard cheap brand hairspray then let dry and top coat with your colour of choice.

I went with a green/cream scheme that weathers well with rust tones. When choosing colours think about the weathering process because some colours go better with rust effects than others! After taking back the top coat to the desired level of wear and tear that I wanted I then varnished with my favourite varnish from VMS Satin but Vallejo Satin is also very good. For the rust effects, I always use the enamel products by Ammo as they really compliment each other well and always look realistic.

Moebius Models 1230 1:25 scale 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4x4

To Sum-Up

Overall I had a great time with this build and I love the finish this model gave me. The scale is also great as you get some great details and the size is great for display purposes! Thinking back I was really lucky with this kit, but that is the risk you take when using a new brand! I will go on to make more of these trucks as they are incredibly rewarding to make as a modeller and you have a great range to choose from as they make several Old Ford trucks. This one is for sale in my shop if you are interested.

Moebius Models 1230 1:25 scale 1970 Ford F-100 Custom Cab 4x4

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