4 Weathering Techniques For A Doll House Roof

4 Weathering techniques for a doll house roof

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4 Weathering Techniques For A Doll House Roof

Weathering Technique 1

There are lots of different weathering techniques you can apply to your doll house roof and here are 4 Weathering techniques for a doll house roof I wanted to cover. The first method is to give the roof a slightly mossy look and this effect can be layered onto other effects to give the look you want. I use Oasis or Flower foam that you can pick up cheaply and is widely available in craft stores etc. From the images above you can see that you only need to cut a small piece off then crumble it in your fingers to give it that powdery look. Then take some PVA glue – Wood Glue etc and apply it only to where you want the foam to stick (see image above) Before you start any weathering project it is a good idea to do some research into what you want the roof to look like. For me I just Google weathered roofs and see the effect I would like to recreate first. You will also get to see what patterns mold and moss make which is great when you want to replicate it on a model. Once the glue is down, crumble the foam over the glued areas of the roof and then take a brush or your finger and push the foam down lightly. You can blow or brush the excess off when it has dried. The foam will take a watered down paint if you want to colour it to a theme you have in mind.

Weathering Technique 2

For this weathering technique (Also my favourite) I take what’s called a textured mat from the modelshop.co.uk in light green and just crumble it into a small container. Again like the last effect you need to take your favourite glue and apply it to the areas you want to take the farm mat (see image above) Crumble over glue then lightly press down with brush or fingers. Once dry blow off excess and you are done. The colour is already great but I like to add watered down paints Vallejo Khaki and Ak Orange Brown and apply them with a small paint brush randomly over the foam mat. This in my opinion gives the moss effect a realistic look that looks great. It also gives it that 3d effect that moss has on a roof when you look at it 🙂

Weathering Technique 3

This effect is really simple but also effective. I love the range of Ammo nature effects and one of my favourites is the Slimy Grime effect. This can be applied right onto My Tinytiles as they are enamel safe. Apply with a small brush in the area you want the effect then I like to use a hair dryer to dry the product. It gives a really nice look of old that has just started to take effect on a roof. It can also be used in conjunction with other effects to give that realistic layer look. When using enamels I would advise using a mask as they can be stinky and when washing brushes I would recommend cleaning them with a odourless thinner or white spirit if you have it.

Weathering Technique 4

The last technique I wanted to show is the paint splatter effect of lichen effect on a roof. For this I use the same watered down paints as mentioned above and take a stiff bridled brush (In my case I use the brushes that come with my wife’s hair dye pack that she doesn’t use) But you can use any stiff bristles brush you might have. Load the brush with paint and pull back the bristles and flick them over the area you want covered. I usually have the brush about 10cm away from the roof surface but its not an exact science 🙂 You can use what ever colours you want in this process and this gives the roof a lovely subtle weathering look. Top Tip! The more watered down the paint the larger the dots of paint you will get so I don’t water down a lot as to keep the splatters in scale with your project. Once you are happy with the effect I take a dry paper towel and dab at the dots of paint. I do this after I have let the paint dry for a couple of minutes. I will cover how to age TinyTiles tiles in another blog, so stay tuned!

These are just 4 ways to weather your doll house roof but there are many more and I just wanted to give you a flavour of some of the techniques I like to use. It is one of the most satisfying (for me) parts of a project and can give a great overall look to your project.

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