10 Money Saving Ideas For Modellers

This Website Contains Product Affiliate Links. We May Receive A Commission If You Make A Purchase After Clicking On One Of These Links At No Additional Cost……

This Website Contains Product Affiliate Links. We May Receive A Commission If You Make A Purchase After Clicking On One Of These Links At No Additional Cost…

10 Money Saving Ideas For Modellers

I have wanted to share my 10 money saving Ideas for modellers for a while now and these things I am sharing with you are things that I know will help you as a modeller and they are things I use nearly every time I sit down to a project. Most of the things I am going to share with you are easily sourced and are great alternatives to modelling brand products that do the same thing.

1 Cellulose Thinners

First tip is to try Cellulose Thinners instead of Tamiya extra thin plastic glue. Cellulose thinners do the exact same thing as Tamiya glue. They are a strong solvent which will fuse plastic together. In the US its is called Lacquer thinner and is the same thing just named differently! You can pick up a 5Ltrs for about £12 to £15 pounds which is just amazing and will last you a lifetime of modelling! As a gentle reminder, wear a mask when using any chemical.

10 Money Saving Ideas For Modellers

2 White Tack/Blue Tack

Tip 2 is to try White or Blue tack instead of modelling masking tape which again does the exact same thing but just costs a lot less. Blue tack will stick to mostly any surface and doesn’t leave any residue when removed. It can also be used multiple time and works really well. I use this stuff a lot for holding items when painting. I add some to the end of a cocktail stick and put into a piece of polystyrene as a place to dry.

3 Makeup Brushes from a Supermarket

Tip 3 is to use cheap makeup brushes from any supermarket/Amazon as a replacement for blending brushes or dry brushing effects. I have some (pictured above) from a supermarket and they are amazing and have lasted me a long time and cost a fraction of the cost of branded ones.

4 Hair Dye Brushes for Splatter effects

Tip 4 I use my wife’s brushes she gets from her hair dye kits for splatter effects on my projects as they have stiff bristles which in my opinion are the best for releasing paint in a why that gives a realistic look of mud etc on a vehicle.

5 Own Brand Nail Files from any Supermarket

Tip 5 As you can tell there is a pattern building here and yes you can find so many modelling tools in the beauty isle in any supermarket and nail files are another great alternative from expensive sanding options in the scale model world. I have files of all different grits and they will last a long time. I am also never precious about them as you can pick up a large pack for a couple of pounds.

6 Cotton buds/Cue Tips

Tip 6 Cotton buds or Cue tips (US) are one of my all time most used things. I use them for cleaning tools like my airbrush. I use them for removing paint from models, you can also use them for blending paints and rust effects. They also work well with kitchen roll which is also an essential item for any modeller.

10 Money Saving Ideas For Modellers

7 Isopropyl Alcohol

Tip 7 Swapping paint brush cleaner for isopropyl alcohol/Mineral spirits (US) is a game changer (or least was for me) because I am always using acrylic or enamel paints and products and I am always cleaning my brushes and tools with my expensive levelling thinners which can also ruin seals in your airbrush. Isopropyl alcohol can also in some cases be used to thin paints. (I would advise mixing a small batch first) You can again pick up a large 1Ltr upwards for so much less than MrColor Thinners.

8 Liquid Mask from a Beauty Shop

Tip 8 Using liquid laytex from a beauty section instead of a modelling liquid masking fluid brand can save you a lot of money and you can pick up a 1Ltr bottle for £13 pounds instead of 17ml for £8 pounds! The latex is exactly the same and a Ltr will last you such a long time.

9 Scale Mates Model Website

Tip 9 This is a website that every modeller should have as there go to before buying any model for their collection. The website has every model manufactured and has a really handy section that shows you a comparison of every shop that has the model you want and the current prices which are updated daily! I love this site and it can also open you up to trying something new as you browse.

10 Using Artists Pastel Chalks

Tip 10 is an olden but golden tip and a lot of modellers that have been modelling for a while will attest to using Artists pastel chalks for weathering long before the modern brands came out with their own. Artists pastels are cheap and can be used for a number of modelling related tasks such as weathering, dust effects and any other job you would use pigments for. You can also mix the different pigments to achieve the colour you desire without having to buy the exact shade every time! Just scrape off a little of the chalk and apply as needed.

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